While I have the resources to send you anywhere in the world, my areas of focus closely align with activities and places I am passionate about.  

European Travel

  • I have dual citizenship with Italy, and hope to live part-time in Europe in the future.
  • The lifestyle, the food, the culture -- I never tire of it!

Family Vacations

  • I started traveling with my kids when they were babies, and I haven't stopped.  I've learned tricks I can share.
  • Multi-generational trips go more smoothly when you have one central non-family-member planning it!
  • You have your own family -- time to stop doing it all yourself!

Couple Time

  • It is so important to take time out to celebrate the strength of your love.  It's rare -- cherish it!
  • It's not all about roses (although we can provide that).  Real romance is having the time and freedom to focus your attention on that special someone.
  • I am pleased to have traditional and same-sex couples as clients.

Villa and Apartment Rentals

  • A great strategy when doing family vacations.
  • Reputable resources so you know what you're getting.
  • Going to the local market is guaranteed to make you feel like a local!

Hiking, Biking, and Adventure Trips

  • Either private or with a group.  Whatever your skill or thrill level is.
  • I love getting outdoors and hiking in the US and abroad.
  • The US has so many national parks!  

Food & Beverage

  • Market walks and cooking classes.  Educational and fun!  Once of the best ways to learn about a culture is through their food.
  • I have a huge passion for learning about and sampling craft beer both in the US and abroad.
  • From historical beer gardens in Munich to cutting edge in Rome to variety across all 50 states.  (Yes, France and Italy have a great and growing beer scene!)
  • River and ocean cruises focused on food, beer, and wine -- with expert lecturers.  Sampling!  I can do custom land itineraries too.