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I know, you think the only travel agents left are blue-haired ladies named Edna wanting to send you to Boca. 

So not true.

Think of me as your travel advisor.  First, I want to talk to you.  I'll ask lots of questions.  I want to get to know you.  Then I double-check that I've heard you right.   Then I start researching.  (This is my strong suit.) 

Once I've found the best options for you (not for Matt or Tim or your Aunt Gina), we go over them and adjust as needed until you are super excited!  Did you know anticipation is half the fun?

Then you go.  Travel.  Have fun.  Meet people.  Explore.  Should anything go bump in the night, I've got you covered.  (Well, not legal things...)

When you come back, I want to reconnect and hear the great stories, the new favorite restaurant, etc.  This helps me get to know you even better for next time!