Your most valuable possession in life is time.  It is limited, and you want to maximize what you have.  I aim to save you time in the planning stages and make your actual travel time the best possible experience.  My mission is to be a true travel advisor – a professional you can turn to for advice and services. 

I am compensated in three ways.  First, I charge a planning fee.  This covers my time researching and making all arrangements, regardless of whether or not I am paid commission.  This means I work on your behalf.  Many resorts and hotels pay commission, but not all; and this should never increase the price you would pay by booking directly.  While I have some great relationships with suppliers who provide clients with amenities not available anywhere else, I am not tied to anyone anywhere!   I choose suppliers based on how well they match what you want, your tastes, your needs.

I discuss with clients what services they are  seeking and what charges there may be.  I want clients to feel open and comfortable with me – trust is the foundation of my business.  I will always seek the best value for my clients and will advise on ways to meet your travel goals. 

Because the third, and most satisfactory, way I grow my business is through referrals from delighted clients!